Cast Away

Cast Away is specialized in fly fishing trips to Europe. We offer 6 fly fishing adventures. Each with their own appeal and price. We like to offer our guests full flexibility that is why we work with 2 major packages: ALL INCLUSIVE & DIY.

All inclusive


If you book this package everything is covered. Accommodation, Food, Guiding, you name it.

Book this package and let us know your wishes. For example: Yes for food but no thank you for guiding. Almost everything is possible. Check out our DIY list here!

our mission

value for money fly fishing adventures Experience the adventure but not the inconvenience: We are constantly looking for special locations. Our locations combine a high level of adventure with a certain degree of comfort. A picture of a tent in the middle of nowhere certainly looks adventurous - especially browsing from your lazy chair. The reality is often different. Doing your “thing” in a cardboard’s not for everybody. The objective of Cast Away Travel is: experience the adventure but not the inconvenience.

7 days

from 549,-/person
Glomma grayling

Glomma area

Glomma area: a fly fishing paradise!

24 hours adventure

€ 150 /person
peter sikking

Hodalen Lakes Norway

The Hodalen moutain lakes are fantastic. Scenery, silence and big big fish!

7 days from € 749,-

peter sikking


Wild wild Hardangervidda. So much opportunities to catch wild fish!

5 days -

from 399,- /person
cast away fly fishing

Sea trout

Sea trout fairy tales come true on Funen & Langeland: Denmark

9 days

3540,- /person

Expedition Spitsbergen

Fishing for arctic char in an unbelievable scenery.

5 days



Fishing for trout & char in the Mid-Highlands

We traveled, from east to west and from north to south through Europe for almost 20 years .
Looking for that special location. A location that has everything and more. We guarantee adventure – in several gradations – but always with a big A!


Catch and release

hook 20, water: 30 cm

Rena river

complete silence
After a day tubing for Pike


a windy night
Oke, one more beer.
peter sikking

winter sea trout

sea trout
a very cold day in january
peter sikking

Norwegian trout river

small paradise

Hodalen mountain lakes

silence & fish
A day for big Pike

work with us

we are always searching for helping hands

If you would like to travel through Norway in the months of June, July, August and part of September, please contact us.

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